Baja California

When the United States ends at San Diego, California does not. Mexico’ s Baja California peninsula continues south for 1700 kilometres of sun-scorched desert until the narrow highway comes to an end at Cabo San Lucas. Here the Sea of Cortez meets the mighty Pacific Ocean in a spectacular rock arch known as “Land’s End”. The Baja Peninsula is Mexico’s last frontier: a lonely strip of coastal sand held together by a rocky backbone of mountain ranges. This raw and ancient landscape is inhabited by a million cacti, rattlesnakes, scorpions and a particularly hearty strain of Mexican people. The locals in Baja are a warm and friendly group of people.

Each Millen Adventure we take has a different route. The reason each adventure is different is because it’s a boring and unchallenging to take the same roads every time. A typical adventure is anywhere from two to four days long.

2014 Planned Adventures

Three Day Adventure

Four Day Adventure

Peninsula Adventure


What is Included on the Trip?

A Complete guided trip from the the United States though Baja and back. We go down as a group and we come back as a group. No one is ever left behind. We keep the group to a reasonable size. So you get a personal experience.


  • Accommodations.
  • Mechanical support including spare tires and parts.
  • Breakfast, lunch,snacks, and dinner.
  • GPS information and radio rental.


For a custom trip please inquire. We can guide and support the ultimate Baja trip to Cabo San Lucas or shorter.

Past Adventures

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