Baja March 2013

I just can’t stay away from Baja, and it doesn’t help that the weather this time of year is just about perfect! We had day time temps in the 80’s, and the nights were in the 50’s. We crossed over the border in Tecate, where we ran into a couple of friends of mine who were on a trip to the Pacific side to ride dirt bikes. They were going to stay at Mike’s Sky Ranch nested up in the mountains, but we were heading to the beaches on the Sea of Cortez. I don’t know about you, but I was ready for some warm weather. We stayed in San Felipe the first night in a beautiful custom home within a gated community, and feasted on a delicious carne asada dinner (thank you chef Ray!) while sitting around the bar-b-que. The next day we made our way down a beautiful highway/dirt road that winds amongst mountainsides and beaches lined with nothing but sand and crystal blue ocean. We made a very necessary stop to check in with Coco for some photos and beer, and to drop off a Como Chinga’s t-shirt! To wrap up the day from there, we took race course back into the Calamajue wash to discover some ruins from the 1700’s and drove into the sunset to our hotel in Gonzaga Bay! We dug our feet in the sand, relaxed over beers and shrimp tacos until we could see the stars, and then hit the hay to be rested for our journey back home. Overall, we had a blast exploring new routes and alternate places to stay and of course made some great new friends! It was a pleasure getting to know Ray and his girlfriend, Amber. My girlfriend is now bugging me to make sure we stay in touch and get together again soon, hopefully before the next trip!