Baja Peninsula

This is the big one! If you’ve ever dreamed of driving the entire Baja Peninsula this is your chance. We will see many Baja Missions, Cave Paintings, and the true culture of Baja.

Day one: Cross at Tecate to San Felipe for lunch. Stay at Alfonsina’s Hotel in Gonzaga Bay which is located on the Beach. (hotel)

Day two: Gonzaga Bay to Bahia de Los Angeles  for lunch and supplies. Camp along beach on the Sea of Cortez(camp)

Day three: Cave paintings of El Carmen. San Ignacio Mission. Stay in hotel in San Ignacio.(hotel)

Day four: Head out of San Ignacio to the Pacific  for whale watching and to Scorpion Bay.(camp)

Day five: Scorpion Bay to Mulege (hotel)

Day six: Mulege to Loreto (hotel)

Day seven: Loreto to Ciudad Constitution (hotel)

Day eight: Ciudad Constitution to San Quitin (hotel)

Day nine: San Quitin to border

Baja GPS


Compadre trail after crossing the Border in Tecate


Cave Paintings of El Carmen



Why Ryan Millen loves the cave paintings of El Carmen

[blockquote]This statement may sound a bit funny, but I really like how Baja doesn’t protect its history/culture. What I mean by that is the cave paintings that are on the website are not a National monument or state park. They don’t have guided paths, signage, and caution signs to warn you about loose footings. It’s just you walking on a path that was carved by Indians possibly thousands of years ago. Walking the path up to the cave paintings of El Carmen made me feel like I was one the Missionaries who first found them. Which when the Cochimi Indians were asked by the Missionaries who painted them, they responded with giants because the paintings are roughly 11ft tall and they couldn’t conceive how a person could paint that high.[/blockquote]


Mission San Ignacio


Mission San Javier




Some of the roads we will use come from the Baja 1000


Sunrise on the Sea of Cortez


Our camp site outside of Bahia de Los Angeles (LA Bay)



Mulege’s beaches.



What is Included on the Trip?

A Complete guided trip from the the United States though Baja and back. We go down as a group and we come back as a group. No one is ever left behind. We keep the group to a reasonable size. So you get a personal experience.


  • Accommodations.
  • Mechanical support including spare tires and parts.
  • Breakfast, lunch,snacks, and dinner.
  • GPS information and radio rental.


Cost: $3,750 usd per person

Group discounts available!