Representing their country Team USA, driven by Ryan Millen, participated in the Transyberia Rally. The two week rally started in Moscow Russia and finished in Ulaanbaatar Mongolia.

[blockquote]The TranSyberia Rally was one of the most grueling events I have ever participated in. My past off-road experience has primarily been in the American South West and Baja. The roads are very rough, but defined. You have to push yourself for 36 hours straight over some of the roughest roads known to man. TranSyberia was completely the opposite. The terrain varied immensely as we drove across the continent.  Russia was dense forest tracks with deep mud holes. While Mongolia was a vast open country with 11 miles of pavement. To navigate the special stage we were given a set of way points. From there we would decide which mountain or river crossing was the most direct to the next way point. We never knew what was coming over the next mountain.  I feel like my driving skills were pushed to the next level during the TranSyberia rally thanks to the field being stacked with national rally champs and world rally champions like Armin Schwarz. Over all we pushed man and machine for two weeks and walked away with a great result and memories to last a lifetime. -Ryan Millen[/blockquote]

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