Baja Peninsula Run Trip Report, Day Six

Day six started with a bittersweet morning because we were now headed north on the highway. We covered roughly 400 miles with no dirt. We left town early with one stop in Guerroro Negro for lunch and fuel and drove until sunset to our hotel in San Quintin. The arroyo through the town of Mulege. Mission Santa Rosalia de Mulege. During lunch we were taught how to make tamales. The finished product. Sunset over the Pacific. Hotel Santa Maria in San Quintin. Click below for day seven.


Baja Peninsula Run Trip Report, Day Five

Day fives would take us from the Pacific Ocean back to the Sea of Cortez. We would spend the night in the sleepy village of Mulege. Pangas heading out to catch fish for the day. Chris fixing a flat. The nail he pulled out. I had a big nail that I plugged from the night before. Breakfast in the cantina. Crossing Arroyo San Raymundo. Click below for day six.