Upright Gussets

One of the weak links of stock FJ Cruiser or Tacoma is the uprights or what is commonly know as the spindles. They’re extremely easy to bend, we first found this out in Baja during the 2006 Baja 1000.


To combat this weak point we’ve found gusseting or heat treating the weak upright/spindle ends this weak point. This mod is a must for any serious off-roader.



Cam Gussets

The next improvement is the Cam gussets. Cam gussets aren’t considered a necessity, but if you spend any time on the dirt you might find them to be a massive improvement from stock. They replace the stock cam aligments on the chassis of the FJ/Tacoma and allow for proper aligment.


Secondary Shock

Image 1


Retains stock lower control arm for reduced cost. Weld on upper and lower shock mount.