September Palm Springs to Las Vegas Trip Report

September Palm Springs to Las Vegas Trip Report

Oh boy. What a fun weekend! The weather was perfect, temperatures were in the high 80’s, and we even had a little rain. We covered roughly 300 miles on dirt roads over the two days thanks to the group being so small. It never ceases to amaze me how much water changes the desert. Last month the area received some pretty heavy down pours. There were some pretty deep washouts out there, you really had to keep your eyes open and never let your guard down. Even wind changes the landscape drastically. I keep thinking about a particularly large sand dune we went around because the road was completely covered. I want to figure out a way through them so bad! Oh, and how cool was it to see the not so dry lake by Fort Irwin! It’s strange to me how all the other dry lakes were bone dry, and not that one.

I felt like I hardly got a chance to take any pictures because we were having so much fun driving.



Not so dry lake near Fort Irwin


Recent rains have really changed the roads a lot!


Getting into Vegas with plenty of day light left.


Lava Tubes



Afton Canyon




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