I sometime get caught up in this idea that I’m missing out on the “Great Adventure” that others are having. Adventure as defined in the dictionary is an exciting or unusual experience. You don’t need to be in a foreign land to have an adventure, sometimes you can find it in your own backyard. So Christina and I decided to make a run to the top of Saddleback and enjoy a picnic dinner at sunset. The road up to Saddleback isn’t the most challenging but with speed it can be a lot of fun. To get to the peak is about ten miles off-road and on the way back I let Christina drive. Letting her drive was a little unnerving but its always good practice for me to sit shotgun and learn how to teach others. She left numerous scratches on the passenger side because of her fear of cliffs but we both had a great time. Below is a gallery of pictures I took, I got a little “iPhone happy” which seemed like a great idea at the time.


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