Nov 7-10 Itinerary

If you’re an off-road race fan, this is the trip for you. Prerunning for the Baja 1000 officially begins November 1st which means this adventure will be on the actual 2013 TECATE SCORE Baja 1000 racecourse. The race course has been announced. This year it will be a loop race. Which means that the race will start in Ensanada and finish in Ensanada. We will encounter a high amount of racers prerunning on this four day adventure.


Day one

We will meet in San Diego and cross the border into Baja as a group at Tecate. The plan is to intersect the race course around race mile 80 and traverse the summit with the intent of spending the night in San Felipe. Day one will possibly be the toughest of all the days. The Summit is a very technical stretch of road that would be more suited to a rock crawler than a high speed desert vehicle. After finishing with the Summits rocky roads we will find ourself heading to the tranquil town of San Felipe and the Sea of Cortez.

Day Two

San Felipe to Catavina with a stop for lunch at Gonzaga Bay and Coco’s Corner. Day two will be a big change from the previous day. The scenic drive along the sea of Cortez into Gonzaga Bay for lunch. After lunch we will head to the infamous Coco’s corner for a cold beverage. From there we will head into the Calamuje wash. A narrow canyon in which a perennial stream flows. The Spanish tried to establish a mission here but failed when the Padres became sick from drinking the heavily mineralized spring water. After the wash we will head north on the highway to our hotel at Catavina.

Day Three

Catavina via the mountains back to the beach of San Quintin. Day three will be unlike our previous day and more like the first day. We will head back into the mountains where we will find silt hill climbs and numerous boulder fields. Our hotel for the evening will be on the Pacific Ocean, Hotel Santa Maria.

Day Four

San Quintin to Tecate. It’s always a little sad when we start heading home, but the rally roads into Valley de la Trinidad should help keep smiles on our faces as we head back to the border.



Coco’s Corner


The view from Hotel Santa Maria.





What is Included on the Trip?

A Complete guided trip from the the United States though Baja and back. We go down as a group and we come back as a group. No one is ever left behind. We keep the group to a reasonable size. So you get a personal experience.


  • Accommodations.
  • Mechanical support including spare tires and parts.
  • Breakfast, lunch,snacks, and dinner.
  • GPS information and radio rental.


Cost: $1,250 usd

Group discounts available!