What does the cost include?

Millen Adventures announces what is covered in the cost in the description of each event. What can you expect?

– Course navigation by an experienced, highly trained team of off road race proven professionals.

– Professional mechanics ready to fix any problems you may encounter.

– Lead truck and sweep truck on trail.

– Chase truck with mobile work shop on the highway.

– Parts: Millen Adventures carries everything from drive shafts, wheels and tires, to factory suspension parts. If a part needs to be used on your truck then you pay our cost for the part and the labor is covered with your entree fee.

What is not included? Hotel (except for events in Baja), fuel, trail food and drinks.

How much is each adventure?

Each adventure has different costs associated with them. Millen Adventures announces the cost in the description of each event. Costs depend on were the adventure is going, if permits are needed, how many staff members are going, and Millen Adventure vehicles.

What kind off-road experience is needed?

Generally little to no off-road experience is needed on a Millen Adventure. We are there to bring you “up-to-speed”!

I noticed most vehicles on your trips are Toyotas. What if I don’t have a Toyota?

While Millen Adventures is primarily focused on Toyotas we welcome all vehicles.  We will be limited on spare parts that can be offered for makes other than Toyotas however we will have tools and technical support.

What Will the Weather Be Like?

Make sure to check the weather before your trip.  The desert can have extreme temperature from very cold in the winter to extremely hot in the summer.  Layers are always recommended.

Do I need to bring tools?

Millen Adventures has a fully stocked chase truck with all tools necessary for the trip as well as spare parts for Toyotas. If you feel the need to bring your own tools, you are welcome to do so.

Can I bring my dog?

Yes! If you plan to bring your dog down to Mexico, there are a few things you must do first. We will be happy to help.

What Kind of GPS do you recommend?

We recommend Lowrance GPS’ devices. We have had limited success in converting our GPS tracks into other formats.

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