Millen Adventures


Millen Adventures provides professionally guided tours through Baja California, the Mojave Desert, and other remote locations.  Using your own off-road vehicle, we take you to travel dirt roads used in races such as the SCORE Baja 500 and 1000.  Each tour is custom designed for you.  Millen Adventures provides everything necessary for the trip including accommodations, food, spare parts, and mechanical support.


Millen Adventures was founded by off-road racer Ryan Millen to share the best parts of racing with adventure enthusiasts.  From competing in rally’s throughout Russia and Mongolia, to endurance races in New Zealand, Mexico and the US, Ryan provides first hand experience and necessary skills to share a taste of what off-road racing is like.  Using Ryan’s knowledge of remote race course and trails, the team builds custom guided getaways on roads less traveled for the everyday (or not so every day) adventurer.  Each trip is designed around beautiful scenery, challenging roads, and historical landmarks.  Allowing the use of your own vehicle to travel across dirt trails,  explore sandy washes, and crawl up rocks with the mechanical support of a fully equipped chase team,  you will be challenged to utilize your vehicle the way it was intended.  Whether you choose to participate in a one day quickie or a week long excursion, you will find yourself eating authentic food and making good friends.


Meet the Team

Ryan Millen

FJ Cruiser

Ryan Millen’s passion for off roading began young as he watched his father Rod Millen compete world-wide and become a racing legend. His older brother Rhys is also a professional driver that competes globally in rally-cross, drifting, and hill-climbs. With racing in his blood, Ryan pursues the difficulties of long-distance endurance races. His desire to share his love for dirt is evident in the time he dedicates to learning as well as teaching the trying craft of being an off road expert. You can find him spending countless hours personally working on projects and friends vehicles, or spending way too much time on his mountain bike with his machine of a dog, Benson.

My passion in life is motorsports, specifically Off-Road racing. Nothing puts a smile on my face more than “gettin’ dirty in the dirt.” This motto is best demonstrated in my driving skills and experiences in off-road racing.  I enjoy showcasing the reliability of new vehicles that don’t yet have the durable reputation in the public’s eye. Of course securing racing victories in as many forms of motorsports as possible, is a large part of my passion.-Ryan Millen

Oscar Chavez

Oscar is a vital aspect to the Millen Adventures team who lives and breaths the off-road lifestyle. His extensive mechanical knowledge and helpful attitude provides a peace of mind. Offering a broad spectrum of off-road specialties, Oscar brings guidance in technical obstacles such as rock crawling.His true passion is Toyota 4runner’s. Besides being one of the most personable members of the team, Oscar always knows best!